Kyle S. Dawson

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

328 INSCC • 801-581-4785 • kdawson@astro


Group Results from 2019 and 2020

In the last two years, my research group has performed measurements of baryon acoustic oscillations with eBOSS data using Mg II absorption lines and the continuous Lyman-alpha transmission field. We have also studied quasar astrophysics through spectroscopic observations of variability and measured the mean transmission of Lyman-alpha photons through the intergalactic medium.

As the Principal Investigator for eBOSS, I worked with several other collaboration members to quantify the impact of our BAO and RSD measurements on the cosmological model. Looking ahead to future surveys and necessary instrumentation, I helped craft a 2020 Decadal Survey white paper to advocate for a 11.4-meter aperture telescope with a 5 sqdeg field of view and for new detectors to field in future facilities.

All of the results since 2009 that had leading contributions from members of my research group can be found on my Utah ADS page.

Current Group Members

My current research group consists of two postdoctoral researchers and a graduate student. The name, position, and most recent work are reported below.

Angela Berti (2020-present) Postdoctoral Researcher Galaxy clustering
Sarah Eftekharzadeh (2018-present) Postdoctoral Researcher Galaxy and Quasar clustering
Allyson Brodzeller (2020-present) Graduate Student Machine learning and quasar spectra

Former Group Members

Previous members of my research group have moved on to a variety of positions. The name, position they held as a member of my group, and current position are reported below.

Hélion du Mas des Bourboux (2017-2019) Postdoctoral Researcher Data Scientist in France
Vivek Mariappan (2014-2017) Postdoctoral Researcher Ramanujan Fellowship: India
Julian Bautista (2014-2017) Postdoctoral Researcher Postdoc at University of Portsmouth
Peter Brown (2009-2012) Postdoctoral Researcher Research Scientist at Texas A&M
Vikrant Kamble (2014-2019) Graduate Student Data Scientist: Cape Analytics
Tim Hutchinson (2015-2017) Graduate Student Data Scientist: Discover Card
David Harris (2009-2015) Graduate Student Instructor: Florida Gulf State University
Donna Taylor (2015) Graduate Student Master's Program in Computer Science
Matthew Olmstead (2009-2014) Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher Asst prof: King's College (Pennsylvania)
Suchit Maindola (2011) Master's Student (EECS) Industry
Jamie Dyer (2016-2017) Undergraduate Student PhD student at Colorado State University
Trey Jensen (2013-2016) Undergraduate Student PhD student at New York University
Sarah Moran (2013) Undergraduate REU Student PhD student at Johns Hopkins University
Chris Ahn (2012-2013) Undergraduate Student PhD student at University of Utah
Erika Loertscher (2012) Freshman Internship Graduate with Bachelor's in Mathematics
Dennis Della Corte (2010-2011) Undergraduate Student Assistant Professor, BYU
Nic Ramsrud (2010-2011) Undergraduate Student Industry