Kyle S. Dawson

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

328 INSCC • 801-581-4785 • kdawson@astro



I am one of the three lead scientists in the eBOSS cosmology program (2014-2020). I work with Jean-Paul Kneib (PI: EPFL, Switzerland) and Will Percival (Survey Scientist: Portsmouth, England) to ensure that the program is successful.

I work collaboratively on BOSS and eBOSS with my colleague at Utah, Zheng Zheng, and my former colleague Adam Bolton who is now at NOAO.

While I have many colleagues in the BOSS, eBOSS, and DESI collaboration, the ones I work the most closely with are in the planning and operations of the project. Before the photons hit the telescope, Jeremy Tinker at NYU and Hee-Jong Seo at Ohio University work with me to get the spectroscopic targets in order in eBOSS. As we build DESI, I work with Connie Rockosi at UC-Santa Cruz and Paul Martini at Ohio State University to plan an eventually implement commissioning and verification of the science data. From the data pipeline working group, those are Julien Guy at LPNHE (Paris), Stephen Bailey at LBNL (Berkeley) and David Kirkby at UC-Irvine.

Current Group Members

My current research group consists of two postdoctoral researchers, one graduate student, and a recent graduate from the UofU undergraduate program. The name, position, and most recent work are reported below.

Julian Bautista (2014-present) Postdoctoral Researcher Lyman-alpha cosmology
Vivek Mariappan (2014-present) Postdoctoral Researcher Variability in broad absorption line quasars
Vikrant Kamble (2014-present) Graduate Student Mean transmission in the lyman-alpha forest
Jamie Dyer (2016-present) Undergraduate Student Evolution in multi-epoch quasar spectra

Former Group Members

Previous members of my research group have moved on to a variety of positions. The name, position they held as a member of my group, and current position are reported below.

Peter Brown (2009-2012) Postdoctoral Researchear Postdoc at Texas A&M
Matthew Olmstead (2009-2014) Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher Asst prof: King's College (Pennsylvania)
Tim Hutchinson (2015-2017) Graduate Student Industry
David Harris (2009-2015) Graduate Student Lecturer: US Coast Guard Academy
Donna Taylor (2015) Graduate Student Master's Program in Computer Science
Suchit Maindola (2011) Master's Student (EECS) Industry
Trey Jensen (2013-2016) Undergraduate Student PhD student at New York University
Sarah Moran (2013) Undergraduate REU Student PhD student at Johns Hopkins University
Chris Ahn (2012-2013) Undergraduate Student PhD student at University of Utah
Erika Loertscher (2012) Freshman Internship Graduate with Bachelor's in Mathematics
Dennis Della Corte (2010-2011) Undergraduate Student PhD (Forschungszentrum Julich), industry
Nic Ramsrud (2010-2011) Undergraduate Student Industry